Here are all possible types of membership:

  • Active member: 50.- / year

Person with a Mini and willing to get involved in the life of the Club. Active Members have the right to vote during Club meetings and are eligible for election to the Committee. But they also have responsibilities: those to invest from time to time for the Club.

  • Active couple: 75.- / year

Like all families, we favor the bringing together of hearts so that the family grows bigger! We therefore make a “wholesale price” for people wishing to register as a couple.

  • Passive member: 25.- / year

Anybody wanting to support the club but not wanting to get involved in our activities or not having Mini. Passive members can attend all club activities (outings, meetings …) but do not have the right to vote at our meetings.

  • Honorary members

This is the only status that is deserved! Honorary Member is a status that the Committee decides to award to people who have invested heavily in Club activities in order to thank them. Honorary members are for life and, having paid enough for themselves, therefore have no more duties to pay.

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