Founded by Daniel Potterat in 1988, the club aims to promote the popularity of the Mini and bring its members help and information on their favorite british car.

To date, it includes more than 120 active and passive members, most of them owners of one or more Minis built between 1960 and 2000. We meet every first Wednesday of the month to keep in touch, to exchange points of interest, view and build the future of the Club.

Switzerland has several Mini clubs. (Mini-Club Luzern, Berner Mini-Club, Mini-Club Zurich, Mini-Club Ostschweiz, Mini Club Basilisk, Mini-Club Ticino, Swiss Minimalistics) and only one in the French-speaking part of Switzerland: The Mini Club Romand. We participate in various car events (slaloms, rallies, etc.). 1998 was a great year for us, because we had the pleasure to organize the IMM98 where 1’200 minis came from all the countries of Europe to see us on the quays of our beautiful city of Morges.

The club is governed by Swiss laws and obeys the statutes it has set.